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Welcome to the calcium calculator. This simple three step process will estimate your weekly dietary calcium intake. The average daily calcium intake is then automatically calculated and compared to the target calcium intake for a person of your age and gender.

This calculator is an estimation of dietary calcium intake and should be used only as a guide. If a more precise value is required, please consult a dietitian of other health care professional. Many references are utilised in this calculator, including but not limited to Australian Food Composition Database (2019) and USCF Health.

1. Age & Gender

Required to determine your recommended target dietary calcium intake.

2. Food Group

Please select the Food Group, followed by the category, and then the specific product. After this you will be prompted to enter an amount in Weekly Intake, either by quantity, measurement or custom measurement. After each food detail is added click on the 'Add' button to update your Calcium intake total.

Repeat the above process for each food you consume in a normal week. If necessary you can edit your food selections in the Overview.

3. Weekly Intake

Use one of the quantity options and then add your estimate of weekly intake





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